(Make notes like never before)

Ain't it a tiresome process to jot down notes using a pen and paper from a web page?

For us, it certainly was.

Until, we got the idea of NoteIO (Notes Input-Output)

It helps you take notes directly from any webpage and organise them accordingly.

Also, read and edit your notes on your Android mobile via the NoteIO android application.

For reference, kindly refer help section below

(Q) Do I need to install both the extension and the Android app?

For better compatibilty, we recommend you to install both of them. As you can read and edit the notes which have been created on your chrome browser, directly on your Android device.

(Q) What is a NIP?

NIP stands for "Notes In Phone" or "Notes in PC." This service is to let you synchronize your notes across your chrome browser and Android devices. All that you need to do is to sign in with Google and then hit the synchronize button.

(Q) Is it free?

Yes, Absolutely. No strings attached.